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We believe in telling young people that they can change their world, and giving them the tools to do so. 

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Ask life's big questions


01. Connection

Whether it's through a meal, snacks, or a game over Zoom, every session of Alpha Youth makes time for connection.

02. Content

All 13 episodes of the Alpha Youth Series are available for free. Each episode presents a different topic of the Christian faith with discussion breaks throughout.


03. Conversation

Alpha Youth is a safe space for young people to ask questions and say what they think. Nothing is off-limits. Seriously.

Meet the Alpha Youth team


Ben Higgins

Alpha Youth Australia Director

"Movies are only good for sleeping"


Huw Warmenhoven

Catholic Youth Specialist

"It's pronounced 'phew'"


Emily Higgins

Alpha Schools Specialist

"Getting run over by a tractor didn't stop me, literally"


Isaac Smith

Youth Ministry Specialist

"אני לא יודע עבר—I do not know Hebrew but I thought it would make me look smarter"


Gabrielle Mendonca

Marketing & Design
"Would sell my left arm for a a good chai latte right now"


Henri Vaillant

Youth Ministry Assistant 

"Once pursued a career as a professional surfer / french horn player"


Justine Cumbo

Catholic Schools Specialist

" On the hunt of Australia's best cheeseburger"

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